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MSI ships its Wind netbook

by on16 June 2008


Expect shortages

Europe managed to ship the first batch of Wind Notebook to many European countries, but we've learned that demand is so high that they might end up sold out as soon as they arrive.

MSI managed to create quite a hype with this small but powerful notebook and it has the right price and some advantages over Asus Eee PC 1000, its main competitor.

It looks like 10-inch screens and batteries are two things that are hard to come by these days. We've learned that first batch of Wind Notebooks (we got scolded for calling the notebook Wind PC before, Fed) will come with a rather modest 3-cell battery, but there might be a version with a 6-cell battery.

We've learned that 6-cell batteries are very hard to get due to a massive fire in one of the China battery factories. 10-inch displays are also in short supply, as the manufacturers of 10-inch displays prefer to sell these to much higher profitable car PCs and make more money from it.

So, Wind notebook is shipping, but the question is how many hours / days it will be available.


Last modified on 16 June 2008
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