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Fake Steve Jobs to recharge batteries

by on16 June 2008


FSJ to be on hiatus during Lyons' employment switch

One of the best known bloggers, Fake Steve Jobs, will be taking some time off to recharge his batteries, according to his recent post on his blog. Those who are still not familiar with the writings of blogger Dan Lyons and his alter ego “Fake Steve Jobs” are missing out on some of funniest stories about and whimsical insight into the tech industry.

While he has rocked the boat in the tech industry with some of his blogging, the anonymous nature of FSJ’s true identity remained a mystery until it was revealed by a savvy reporter last year to be none other than Forbes editor, Dan Lyons. Lyons will be leaving Forbes for Newsweek, where he will replace tech columnist Steve Levy.

According to reports, Lyons owns the rights to FSJ and Newsweek claims that he will be bringing FSJ along with him. Sources claim that Lyons is itching to do some new non-FSJ related work, which in part has led to his departure from Forbes.

During this switch of employment, FSJ will be on hiatus. It is not clear if and when FSJ will return, but we have to think that Lyons has a lot of FSJ blog posts left in him and with all of the exciting technology industry news that will be coming in the months ahead it seems that it would be hard for him to sit on the sidelines and not use FSJ to post his own unique spin on the latest happenings.

In the meantime, we at Fudzilla would like to congratulate Lyons on his new job; and we sincerely hope that he will not leave us hanging too long before he decides to crank up his postings on FSJ again.

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