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Intel holds Research at Intel Day

by on13 June 2008


Future Possibilities Unveiled

Intel showcased almost 70 ongoing research projects at the Computer History Museum, located in Mountain View, California this week. Intel indicated that a key area in the future will be robotics. 

According to Intel, Robotics use will expand to assist humans in a variety of ways, including the use of electromagnetic fields to sense touch and pressure in touch. Intel acknowledged that while it would not build the robot of the future it would likely build the sensor that powers the robotics.

Robots will have widespread uses in the future, including more sophisticated robotic hands, house helpers (ala Rosie the Robot from The Jetsens), robotized caregivers for the elderly, etc.

Intel is also working on new methods to multiply the number of cores in processors. Instead of just having a 32-core or 80-core chip, Intel is working on building tiny, specialized core engines. These cores would be twenty times smaller than today’s average sized core and each core would perform one specific function at a fraction of the amount of power used by multi-function cores, saving electricity, power consumption and extending battery life.

Mobile Internet devices were also shown with more user-friendly features, such as sophisticated speech recognition and interfaces that sync commands from mobile devices to larger electronic devices. And there was also a future automobile application that uses cameras as eyes and multi-core processor-based computers as its brain, allowing the vehicle to identify other vehicles and people and their proximity to enable better defensive driving and aid in safety. And a robotic device inside the car could help keep the driver awake, calm the driver down or rely on software to avoid collisions and prevent other hazardous events.

Last modified on 13 June 2008
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