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Telcos are ignoring the cloud at their peril

by on02 July 2013

Ovum warns the sky is falling

Telcos are ignoring Big Data because of their traditional organisation, but they could be about to get a good kicking. Analyst outfit Ovum has warned that telcos could do really well by re-organising to take advantage of the cloud.

They could predict and reducing churn, promoting loyalty, upselling and cross-selling offers, and personalizing services, an Ovum report said. In new research investigating how telcos can make cash out of customer data, Ovum reveals that a well-executed Big Data analytics project requires flexible business structures and logical processes.

However in the telcos they been defined by the network domains. Telcos need to become more data-centric and take lessons from the leaner and more agile data analytics models that are currently being pursued by over-the-top operators. Clare McCarthy, head of Ovum’s Telco Operations practice said that increase of smart devices and services has led to a considerable increase in the number of customer–telco interactions.

“This is happening through multiple channels, which is forcing telcos to sharpen their focus,” she said. “As a result, mining a greater volume and variety of data, and doing so in realtime, is becoming a powerful competitive advantage for telcos.”

But too many telcos still lack the necessary data management and analytics skills in-house to make their data work for them

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