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Nintendo not recalling the Wii U Basic

by on06 June 2013

Says that is just a re-balance of inventory

A number of sources have been reporting that Nintendo was recalling the Wii U Basic console from retailers. When word started to circulate that GameStop was to have all of its 8GB model stock pulled by June 18th, some interpreted the move as a recall by Nintendo, which is incorrect.

Nintendo has cleared up this misinformation by clarifying that it is working with retailers to “re-balance the stop of the White 8GB and Black 32GB Wii U consoles,” and those who are looking to purchase either model of the Wii U will still be able to find them for purchase.

While the re-balance of inventory is not unheard of, we can’t help but wonder what Nintendo might be planning as it moves inventory around. Sources have suggested that returned units might be repackaged in some way to perhaps include a pack-in title or something else going forward. The timing, however, this close to E3 does make one wonder if Nintendo might be up to something in an effort to spur sales.

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