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Your fifteen minutes of fame can lead someplace

by on03 June 2008


MySpace and YouTube postings land gigs

An amateur singer named Tommy DeCarlo was a huge fan of the band, Boston, since childhood.  When Boston’s lead singer, Brad Delp, committed suicide last year DeCarlo recorded his own versions of Boston’s music as a tribute to Delp and then uploaded the MP3s to his MySpace page. DeCarlo was not a professional musician and had never sung with a band before.

Friends encouraged DeCarlo to send his MySpace page link to the band, and he did so, not expecting to it to go any further.  Then one of the band members’ wives was playing music on her computer and happened on some of Boston’s tunes. Her husband, Boston founder Tom Scholz, heard the music and asked if the recording was a live one of the band.  She replied that it was a karaoke tape of a singer on his MySpace page.  Scholz was shocked at the resemblance DeCarlo’s voice had to Brad Delp’s vocals.

Scholz got in touch with DeCarlo and had him audition for the band. He begins his new gig with Boston this Friday as the band begins a summer tour.

And the band, Journey, recently hired a new lead singer after they heard a video clip of their music that had been posted on YouTube. While some may scoff at these social networking sites, these two new band members have to be jumping for joy that they were discovered this way.

Last modified on 03 June 2008
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