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BF4 to be bundled with next AMD video cards

by on08 April 2013

Not sure which cards will offer it yet

AMD has reached a deal with EA to bundle Battlefield 4 with AMD’s next round of video cards. The offering of Battlefield 4 with the new video cards is said to be part of the ‘never settle’ campaign. The campaign will start later this year, but an official start date has yet to be announced.

As to which cards might be bundled with Battlefield 4 or when you might be able to pick up said bundle, that also has yet to be decided. While rumors seem to continue to indicate that EA has already settled on an October 29th release date for Battlefield 4, the company has yet to confirm that this is the case; and we doubt that we will get an official release date till E3 in June.

So, in the meantime, if you thinking about buying both a new video card and Battlefield 4, you might want to want to wait until this fall.

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