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Biometric flaws revealed in fake finger scam

by on15 March 2013

Five doctors suspended

Flaws in the use of biometrics have been revealed after five doctors at a Brazilian hospital have been suspended for allegedly covering for absentee colleagues by using fake silicon fingers.

Thaune Nunes Ferreira was arrested on Sunday for signing in six co-workers to the biometric employee attendance device at a hospital in Ferraz de Vasconcelos, Sao Paulo. It is believed that there are more than 300 hospital employees who do not exist, except for fake fingers with their prints, but who get paid anyway.

Ferreira was found with six silicon fingers on her when she was arrested, three of which have already been matched to the fingerprints of fellow employees, police say. The doctors were touching their fingers to the scanner and then using two fake digits to do the same for colleagues.

They would take delivery of slips of paper indicating they had in fact clocked in to work. It all made it looked like there were multiple doctors on duty when there was in fact just one. The woman told police six other doctors were in on the scam and it was a condition they imposed on her to keep her job.

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