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Kickstarter for new Road Rash?

by on14 March 2013

Co-designer Geisler looking into it

Is Road Rash primed for a come back? Could be, if co-designer Dan Geisler is successful in drumming up enough interest. The motorcycle combat franchise from the Genesis era is one of the games that continues to captivate a lot of talk, but is that enough to re-launch the franchise?

Geisler admitted in a recent Reddit that he was burned out after completing Road Rash 3, but he is ready to do another one. After a long 20-year absence, he admits that he misses playing it, as well.

While Electronic Arts owns the rights to the Road Rash franchise, Geisler is considering launching a Kickstarter for a new game that would take pages from Road Rash but update and take the concept in a new direction, while at the same time keeping the things that made the Road Rash franchise so successful.

EA has apparently considered a Road Rash revival; but with the mixed success of resurrections of classic titles being risky, the company has apparently not found the right combination to bring the franchise back to the starting line.

We will keep an eye on what Dan is doing and report back if he chooses to take a stab at trying to kickstart a new project.

Read more from Geisler here on Reddit.


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