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Chrome kicked hackers out

by on12 March 2013

Finest minds could not defeat it

Hackers trying to take down the Chrome OS at security show were bested by the operating system.

The hackers at a please-hack-me contest at the CanWest security conference in Vancouver, BC, went home empty-handed. If the hackers hand managed to break the OS they could have walked away with more than $3 million. But they failed to break into the Samsung Series 5 550 Chromebook, running the latest version of Chrome.

Despite being allowed to use any software available on the system including kernel and drivers to carry out attacks, they could not do it. The only strings attached to the reward were that winners would have been expected to list, for Google, the vulnerabilities used in the attack, as well as any code used.

Google said some attempts were impressive enough to merit attention and it would be looking to improve the security of the software. However since none of them actually worked, Google was victorious.

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