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Minecraft for PlayStation?

by on07 March 2013

Maybe after Microsoft exclusive ends

Mojang is at least considering the possibility of porting Minecraft to Sony’s PlayStation consoles once its exclusive deal with Microsoft ends. While there is nothing definite yet, it is something that the developer is at least considering as a possibility.

The good news for Sony fans of Minecraft seems to be at the same time bad news for Nintendo owners, as the developer isn’t really looking at the Wii U as a possible destination for the title, calling the possibility of Minecraft on the Wii U very unlikely.

Minecraft had a very interesting honor in XBLA history as being the bestselling game of all time. The game has sold over five million copies on Xbox Live Arcade. No word if Microsoft is trying to secure an extension of the exclusive rights or if development on a Sony version has already started. The exclusive agreement with Microsoft evidently runs till sometime in May.

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