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Sony releases PS4 technical specs

by on21 February 2013

No real surprises, from what we see


Along with the announcement of the PlayStation 4, Sony has released the official specs of the system. From what we see, there really are no surprises; we had gotten the majority of it right from what we knew already. So, here is what will be making up the PS4:

- Single Chip Customer processor/ CPU AMD Jaguar x86-64bit 8 cores / GPU AMD Next Generation Radeon graphics engine capable of 1.84 TFOPS

- Memory - GDDR5 8GB Shared (Sony calls it Unified) – Will deliver 176GB/second of bandwidth

- Hard Drive - Built-in (Rumored 160GB & 500GB in initial System offerings)

- Optical Drive - 6X Blu-ray XL drive with 8X DVD read ability (Supports Blu-ray XL 100GB discs)

- I/O - Super-Speed USB 3.0

- Communications - 10/100/1000 Ethernet / 802.11 b/g/n wireless / Bluetooth 2.1 (EDR)

- AV Output - HDMI / Analog-AV out / Optical Digital Output

Sony says that the specifications are subject to change without notice, but sources tell us that this is what they have settled upon and we do not expect it to change. We expect that Microsoft’s specs will be similar and capabilities to be similar, as well, from a hardware perspective.

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