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Hacker creates zombie apocalypse in Montana

by on12 February 2013

Emergency systems compromised

A hacker got inside the networks of a Montana television station Emergency Alert System and posted warnings of a zombie apocalypse.

The system was set up to warn citizens of more traditional apocalypses such as fires, floods, tornados, and Justin Bieber. But this time the TV stations regular programming was interrupted by news of a zombie apocalypse. KRTV said on its website the hackers broadcast that ‘‘dead bodies are rising from their graves’’ in several Montana counties.

The alert claimed the bodies were ‘‘attacking the living’’ and warned people not to ‘‘approach or apprehend these bodies as they are extremely dangerous.’’ The network had to say publically that there was no emergency and its engineers are investigating. Oddly there were at least four calls to the police from concerned citizens who thought the hoax was true.

We guess more than one thought it was all a ploy by President Obama to take their assault rifles and tanks away from them and zombies were all an excuse. Everyone knows that if brain eating zombies emerged from their tombs in Montana they would die of starvation in a few days.

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