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Core i7 4765T is 35W quad Haswell

by on01 February 2013

Comes in Q2 2013

The standard power quad-core Haswell that fits Socket 1150 motherboards sits at 84W TDP and has HD4600 graphics.

Since this can be too much for people who like to save the Amazon and polar bears, low power Haswell parts will also be available. They use the “T” suffix in Intel’s super complicated branding and the “T” denotes that a quad-core Haswell can sink its TDPs as low as 35W.

The Core i7-4765T is the lowest TDP Haswell based quad core. It works at 2GHz, has four cores and eight threads and 8MB of cache memory. It supports DDR3 1600, at least officially, but turbo boost can get it all the way up to 3GHz.

This is an impressive score for a 35W quad core. The graphics core of choice is the HD 4600 that goes all the way up to 1200MHz. it comes in Q2 2013, so it should be out to late May or early June, Computex 2013 we assume.
The Core i7-4765T replaces the 2.5GHz  Core i7 3770T Ivy Bridge that sells for $294 and tops out at 3.7GHz with turbo. One can only assume that this 45W part should perform better than Haswell clocked at 2GHz, but still it comes with a 10W higher TDP.

There is a solution, as the Core i74770T works at 2.50 GHz, turbos all the way up to 3.7GHz and has 8MB cache, four cores and eight threads. It has the same 45W TDP.

Still, we are a bit more impressed by the quad-core desktop Haswell at 35W despite its somewhat lower clock.

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