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Tegra 4 is clocked around 2GHz

by on11 January 2013

At least

We still don’t know the exact clock, as Nvidia is disclosing all the details on Tegra 4, but our sources are telling us that this A15 quad-core with a companion core should reach 2GHz.

We have confirmed that Nvidia has already sent out samples of the current revision of the chip and that the final version is on the way. Nvidia will probably have to wait for full blown production in order to set the final frequency. Nvidia partners are currently working on phones and tablets based on the chip, and Nvidia itself said that its Project Shield mini console is to be expected in Q2 2013.

Tegra 4 ends up significantly faster than Tegra 3 and the new A15 28nm core should ensure lower power consumption as well. The competition, namely Qualcomm and Samsung are throwing their A15 solutions in the fight for the performance crown and the high-end ARM market will be very crowded in 2013.

We are not sure why Nvidia didn’t talk about the fact that Tegra 4 comes with USB 3.0 support which we see as significant, as we did see it on leaked spec sheets late last year.

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