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HTC posts dismal earnings

by on07 January 2013

$34 million in Q4

HTC has seen better days. The smartphone maker posted its lowest profit in eight years, just $34 million,

The last time HTC posted such dismal figures was in 2004, years before smartphones went mainstream. For a bit of perspective, in Q4 2011 the company posted $370 million.

It is also worth noting that HTC did not roll out any significant products in Q3 or Q4, but new devices such as the flagship M7 smartphone are expected to launch in Q1 2013. The lack of hot new devices is also evident in revenue, which dropped 41 percent.

HTC is becoming more of a mess with each passing day, but frankly the company still has a lot going for it. HTC is a rock solid brand with a lot of enthusiastic followers and a presence in Android and Windows markets. Provided its 2013 product lineup doesn’t disappoint, and HTC devices rarely do, the company could recover this year.

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