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Apple Maps still go nowhere

by on07 January 2013

Telling you to take roads which aren’t open yet

Spotting daft places that Apple Maps is trying to send you has become a new internet hobby.

On Sunday, Victorian users of the Apple map application were surprised to find the Peninsula Link freeway listed as the most convenient way to drive to Mornington Peninsula beaches. But the freeway is not open and there is a chance that you might end up like the Nazis in the Blues Brothers.

Apple's map application, included since September on the iPhone 5, has been seen that Jobs’ Mob has been losing the plot.  The company has been so desperate to get back the innovation crown it lost long ago to Samsung that it has been putting out software which can’t do what it claims.

Apple Maps, which replaced the perfectly serviceable Google Maps, has been sending Apple fanboys out into the Australian desert to die.  While this is a good example of Darwin’s theory at work, Victoria Police are fed up with having rescue Apple fanboys.

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