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LG takes orders for OLED TVs

by on02 January 2013

Hopes to take the war to Samsung

LG has started taking orders for organic light-emitting diode (OLED) televisions, hoping to give rival Samsung a good kicking in the next-generation technology.

LG and Samsung both showed off 55-inch OLED TVs a year ago. They are expected to be five times higher than liquid-crystal display (LCD) equivalents when they reach store shelves next month. OLED technology is more energy-efficient and offers higher contrast images than LCD, and is so thin that future mobile devices will be foldable. We are not sure why you would want to fold your telly in half, but I am sure that the LG and Samsung know what they are doing.

LG said it would start delivery of the new TVs from early February, with plans to display them at 1,400 retail outlets in South Korea. They would be launched in the United States, Europe and other Asian markets during the first quarter of 2013. The 55-inch model would sell for $10,300 which is nearly four times that of LG Electronics' LED-backlit LCD model and around five times that of more common LCD versions.

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