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AMD said to be working on Radeon branded SSDs

by on29 November 2012

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AMD might not be doing all that well in the CPU space, but the company still has what it takes to put up a fight with top notch graphics and low-end APUs. Now it seems AMD will expand the Radeon brand to include SSDs.

AMD already sells Radeon branded DRAM modules and recently it also introduced a Radeon branded RAM disk application. According to SemiAccurate, Radeon SSDs should round up the portfolio. They will allow users to put together rigs with AMD processors, graphics, memory and storage. The only thing missing is motherboards.

However, AMD will not actually produce the new SSDs. Much like Radeon RAM, they will be supplied by memory makers and rebranded. For example, Radeon memory modules are churned out by Patriot, XFX and VisionTek. But who will make the SSDs? Well, we don’t know yet.

Although Radeon branded SSDs make a lot of sense, and SA has a very good track record when it comes to AMD rumours, there’s always a chance that something will not pan out. AMD is notorious for not keeping up with its own roadmaps and given the company’s recent management reshuffles, there is always a chance that products could be delayed or shelved.

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