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AT&T HTC One X+ and One VX up for preorder

by on13 November 2012

$199 and $49 on contract

European customers already got a chance to buy an unlocked HTC One X+, starting at €565 including VAT, and as of November 16th AT&T customers in the US will have a chance to get this phone se well.

The One X includes a 1.7GHz clocked Tegra 3+ quad-core with companion core, 64GB of memory, LTE, Jelly Bean, 0.5 seconds launch to camera and of course full HD video. The phone comes with a unibody polycarbonate black casing exclusive to the plus version, and we can confirm that the material feels great to the touch, but this is something you need to experience yourself. Let’s not forget that this is one of the first phones shipping with Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean that will attract a few avid Android fans. It also comes with Gorilla Glass and 2100mAh battery that is a 300mAh improvement over the original HTC One X.


The HTC One VX is 9.19mm thin and has a 4.5-inch qHD display with Gorilla Glass slapped on top. It comes with a dual-core Snapdragon chip and it reminds us a lot of HTC One S that we saw earlier this year. The good news for many camera lovers as that this phone also has an Image Sense camera sensor and can take 5-megapixel stills and 1080p video.


The VX comes with HTC Sense 4 and Android 4.0 that won’t excite many, but it has been announced that this phone is scheduled to get an update to Android 4.1 and Sense 4+.

Preorders for One X+ starts today November 13th, while the availability in stores is expected this Friday, November 16th.

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