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iPad Mini gives headaches

by on13 November 2012

Text too small

Apple fanboys who were dumb enough to buy the iPad Mini when there were better and cheaper products out there are now moaning that the rubbish screen is giving them headaches and eye-strain.

Over on the MacRumors forums there’s a thread opened by a customer complaining at the iPad mini’s small text on display. The reader, “Martylaa” posted that while he love the mini more than his iPad 3 he has worked that the screen is hard work in his eyes for reading my books.  He complained that when he loaded Internet sites up he had to expand the screen otherwise it’s a strain on his eyes.

He claims his vision is perfect but the smaller screen and the text size on pages is starting to make him think he might return it and get one in the future when the screen is Retina. Apparently he was not the only one. Many of who are returning (or have returned) the mini for a full-size iPad 4.

The small text comes about because it’s shrunk to fit the smaller display and the lower resolution means it’s fuzzy. Of course Apple fans everywhere have been rushing to defend the toy and no doubt will do so below.  What we have noticed is that the iPad Mini caused some problems for Apple fanboys.  Normally Apple releases higher spec models each time, but this time it released something that was much lower spec than its iPad 4.

As a result we saw people on Facebook actually trying to sell their iPad 4 so they could get the new mini. They reasoned that if it was later it must actually be better.

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