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Hurricane Sandy cancels Google Nexus event

by on29 October 2012

It will have to wait

Since all the flights to New York have been canceled and east coast of the US is facing one of the biggest storms in the last few decades, it is hardly surprising that Google was forced to cancel its Nexus event. Hurricane Sandy is shaping up to be Obama’s Katrina.

Google has a lousy track record with Nexus events, as last year’s event was pushed back for a week to pay respect to Apple founder Steve Jobs, whose passing was as bad or worse than a hurricane to many Apple fans.

The wait for the Nexus 10 and Nexus 4 is still not over and it’s likely that Google will organize a new event and push it back for roughly a week. Google’s PR department will probably lose some money on flights and hotels due the cancelation, but we are sure that Google can afford it.

This will leave some extra space for speculation over Google’s new products but since the availability usually comes a week or two after the event, the actual time when you will be able to get the new Nexus devices will probably stay unchanged.

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