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Trinity is here, now how about some motherboards?

by on03 October 2012

Only six FM2 mobos available in Europe

Back at Computex, motherboard makers moaned about the Trinity shortage. They claimed FM2 motherboards were already good to go and it was AMD’s fault that it cocked up the launch schedule. Hence, we assumed that we will see a bunch of Trinity boards on the market at launch or even ahead of launch and we were dead wrong.

Only six motherboards from three manufacturers are currently available on our price search engine, which covers some of the biggest markets in Europe. So unless Portugal, Greece or Finland are drowning in FM2 boards, it looks like we have a major availability issue in Europe.

The cheapest motherboard currently available in Europe comes from ASRock. It’s a dirt cheap A55 mATX board, priced at just over 40 pounds in Britain. However, it is not available anywhere else. Asus is offering three A85 boards ranging from €79 to €135, but they are only available in a handful of shops in Germany. An A55 board is also available. A couple of German retailers are offering a Gigabyte A85 board for €125+ and that’s about it.

In most markets you simply can’t get an FM2 board yet and even if you happen to live in Germany or Britain, the choice is rather limited to say the least. Hopefully the situation will improve over the next few weeks and we hope to see some ITX boards as well, as Trinity looks like the best HTPC chip ever.

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