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North America not getting 12GB PS3 Super Slim

by on20 September 2012

Not the only region not to get this model

Sony has elected to not offer its new lowest-priced yet PlayStation 3 Super Slim in the 12GB flash memory configuration in multiple regions. Instead, those regions not getting the 12GB flash model will instead have to choose from the 250GB and 500GB models.

While Sony has not indicated if the decision not to release the new lower-priced 12GB flash model in some regions will be something that they revisit as the holidays grow closer. It is thought that the lower-priced model could get some on the fence to buy the PlayStation 3 due to the lower entry price.

It is obvious, however, that the reaction to the Wii U and the pre-order numbers will factor into Sony’s strategy on the run up to the holiday, but it is a mystery how Sony (and for that matter Microsoft) will respond. In addition to the lower priced 12GB model of the PS3 Super Slim, Microsoft is also thought to have a bit of wiggle room on the latest version of the 4GB version the Xbox 360; but it is unknown if Microsoft will elect to match Sony’s pricing strategy should they bring the 12GB flash version of the Super Slim PS3 to more regions.

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