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Eleven AMD Zambezi processors EOL in Q4 12

by on04 September 2012

Replaced by 8 Visheras

AMD plans an aggressive exit strategy when it comes to AM3+ Zambezi processors. It plans to end-of-life all of its 11 available AMD FX parts including the current flagship eight-core FX 8150.

The rest of the list includes FX 8120 also an eight-core part, six-core FX 8120 and FX 6200, dual core FX 4170, all 125W TDP parts. From the list of 95W parts AMD plans to end of life of FX 8140, 8120 and 8100 all eight core parts, FX 6120 and FX 6100 six core parts and FX 4150 and FX 4100 quad-core parts.

Although Q4 2012 marks the end-of-life for all these eleven parts, the final shipments will happen at some point of 2013 and traditionally final shipment occurs two quarters after EOL status. In this case we expect to see the final shipment happening by end of Q2 2013.

The reason for such an aggressive exit strategy is that these eleven processors already have replacement coming in early Q4 2012, about half a quarter later than originally planned. The delay of Vishera might slow down the EOL of Zambezi for a month or two, but as far as we know this hasn’t changed.

AMD is expected to launch FX 8350 with 4GHz base clock and 4.2GHz Turbo clock in early October 2012 as well as two other eight-core, two six-core and three quad-core AMD FX Vishera based processors.

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