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Facebook forces employees to use horrible Android app

by on24 August 2012

In hopes they will fix it

Facebook recently updated its iOS app, the new app was rebuilt from the ground up, eliminating a lot of bloat and making a lot faster than previous builds.

However, Android users are still stuck with a pretty bad app, which seems to be getting worse with every update. Users are reporting a wide variety of bugs and the app has a very low rating on Play Store. Fragmentation could be one reason for, the other could be users themselves, as everyone has different habits and expectations. Granted, some users are rather pleased, but others simply hate the app.

Luckily, Facebook seems to be taking the issue seriously. The company has reportedly ordered its employees to ditch iOS devices and use Android instead. Forcing employees to ditch their beloved iGear and use the Android version sounds like a pretty good way of motivating them to fix the issues.

However, it is also a good way of admitting that the Facebook Android app is pants and that Facebook doesn’t know how to fix it.

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