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Most Wanted Kinect/Move support confirmed

by on21 August 2012

Criterion now explains the actual functionality

News from Need for Speed: Most Wanted developer Criterion finally confirms the speculation that we have seen in the box art for the game that suggested both Kinect support for the Xbox 360 and Move support for the PlayStation 3.

As we suspected, Criterion isn’t taking advantage of the motion-sensing technology of Kinect in the Xbox 360 version; instead, Kinect use will be focused on voice recognition that will allow users to use a number of voice commands to switch between racing mods.

The Move for the PlayStation 3, on the other hand, seems to be a bit more than just voice recognition; it will support the PlayStation Move Racing Wheel with the Move orb changing color, based on what is going on in the game.

Criterion believes that the voice recognition is a very good thing, as it is quicker than using the d-pad to switch between racing mods; instead you can just call them out. However, Criterion is quick to point out that the functionality is there for the traditionalists and those that don’t have the Kinect/Move, so they can still perform the same functionality without the voice recognition technology.

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