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by on10 August 2012

Advises all users to change passwords

Details are still a bit sketchy, but Blizzard has confirmed that has been hacked and it advises all users to change their passwords right away. While the company calls the breach “unauthorized access to some account information,” the result is still the same, which is that the service has been compromised.

While Blizzard says that they have addressed the problem that caused the breach, they are still investigating the situation and have brought in law enforcement, as well. According to the company, only information on the North American servers was accessed and answers to personal security questions as well as information on mobile and dial-in authenticators was also taken. While a version of the passwords was obtained, because they were cryptographically scrambled Blizzard believes that the risk is minimal.

According to Blizzard, no credit card information was obtained. Still, we agree with Blizzard; you should change your password using a new password that is in no way similar to your old password.

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