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Intel porting Jelly Bean for Atom gear

by on24 July 2012

No word on when it will be deployed

Intel is porting Android 4.1 to work on Atom based tablets and smartphones. However, it is still unclear when the port will be deployed in actual product, and judging by the lack of Atom based phones and tablets, Intel can take its time.

Smartphones based on Intel chips are still being rolled out with Android 2.3 and they are supposed to get Android 4.0, but once again there is no clear timeframe. Only a handful of companies have embraced Medfield parts for their smartphones and tablets.

For the time being ARM is still a step ahead of Intel, not only in terms of software, but also hardware and availability and so far Intel does not seem to be catching up in any department.

Intel recently launched a developer initiative, pledging $29,000 in prizes to developers who write games for Intel-based phones and tablets. To put things in perspective, Intel spent more than $300 million promoting its Ultrabook platform.

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