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Walking Dead to become a FPS

by on09 July 2012

Terminal Reality to develop it

Activision will be creating a new Walking Dead game, but this time around it will be a first person shooter zombie kill fest that coming for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC. Activision is apparently handling the funding and Terminal Reality, the studio behind the 2009 Ghostbusters title will be doing the developing.

This new version will be an alternate take on the franchise from the TellTale developed Walking Dead series which is a strictly by the book affair. The new FPS version will feature a mix of about everything that you would expect from a Walking Dead title that will offering a mix of stealth with some action thrown in.

The game is slated for release next year with a more exact date to be announced down the road. The game will be developed using the latest version of Terminal Reality’s Infernal Engine according to sources we spoke with.

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