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New PS3 form factor to come in fall

by on06 July 2012

Will be slimmer and rectangular shaped

As we told you about on June 13th, our sources were already talking to us about the fact that Sony would be bringing out a new revised PlayStation 3. Now, as we told you yesterday, filings of the CECH-4001x series backs this news up.

What we have not told you about yet is what the new revision to the PlayStation 3 will get you, and that is a new design that is much slimmer, smaller, and rectangular in shape. Sony will be moving away from the square-bodied units of the PlayStation 3 that it has produced from the beginning to a new rectangular super-slim unit that appears to have lip that is very much like the first generation PlayStation 3 consoles.

The new super-slim rectangular form factor is made possible by a number of improvements in the manufacturing process, as well as strategic die shrinks of chips, which is what our sources told us to expect. It is unknown yet if the new super-slim version introduces any new trade-offs over the previous console, but our sources tell us that we should expect the super-slim to be a direct replacement as it makes its way into the supply chain. Look for Sony to slash prices on the old units to help dealers support the movement of the older units out of inventory if necessary, our sources tell us.

The bigger news is you can expect Sony to drop the new super-slim PlayStation 3 with a nice price cut to match the new unit; and, of course, to apply maximum hurt to both Nintendo and Microsoft it will be arriving in time for the holiday season. So, from the looks of it, Sony will have some fresh hardware this holiday season, and the only real questions remaining are how much of a price reduction will there be and what kind of impact will it have this holiday season?

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