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Advantech signs up for Intel's Internet of Things

by on05 July 2012

Good for the European embedded market

Advantech Embedded has praised Intel's concept of the Internet of Things and wants to bring it to the European embedded market.

The outfit has come up with a glorious five year plan to take Intel's idea to Europe.  It will involve  developing hardware and software for market sectors such as traffic management and environmental monitoring, in collaboration with Microsoft and Chipzilla. A company statement said that software development will allow hardware and operating systems to cooperate more fluently in typical industrial clouds and provide easier maintenance and services for the complete system.

Intel's “Internet of Things” is based on a concept of internet based control, information and social media services that can be used to collect and control data anywhere anytime and deriving intelligence from these data. Advantech said that it will see automation devices backed by cloud intelligence which will  gather data from sensors buried in the environment and many other places to auto-manage our industrial systems and urban areas.

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