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EA still looking at reboots

by on29 June 2012

Lack of success has not stopped it

While rumors have suggested that Electronic Arts might be slowing down on their revival of some of their franchises from the past due to lackluster success with some of them, sources confirm to us that this is simply not the case. The company is still studying the possibility for the revival or reimaging of number of what might be called EA’s vintage core titles for an update.

While the first in the new Medal of Honor titles was not the smash that EA was hoping for, the company still committed to developing a sequel; and early indications are that the sequel seems to already be gaining some buzz after a strong showing at E3.

While the new SSX title didn’t perhaps come out of the gate as strong as it could have, that has not stopped the sales of the title from picking up momentum, according to sources. SSX looks to be successful for EA, one analyst told us. “I am not sure if they are going to do a sequel for it right away, but after the release of the DLC pack, it looked as if the title had turned the corner,” another analyst offered.

Still, that has not stopped a number of gamers from throwing out their requests for titles they would like to see EA revisit. The most popular does seem to be Road Rash with the Desert/Jungle/Urban Strike series getting a lot of support; sports fans just want EA to do Mutant League anything, and still others would like to see NBA Street to return. It is obvious that EA does have a lot of excellent IP to draw from and the question is really if they will continue to do so. We say that as long as there is a market they will continue to revisit these classics.

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