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Microsoft hints at new Xbox Live Rewards

by on21 June 2012

Achievements will earn Microsoft Points

While information is still very limited, Microsoft has revealed that we will see a new offering as part of the Xbox Live Rewards Program that will see players able to earn Microsoft Points as part of the Xbox Live Rewards program based on achievements.

With limited details, our source confirm that the company is still ironing out the specifics; but apparently it will involve some sort of a set of challenges or objectives that need to be completed to earn the Microsoft Points. Our source says that it will be a group of achievements from perhaps one game or different games that players will be required to earn to get the payoff in Microsoft Points.

While details are still difficult to come by, we do know that the company is planning to introduce the program to Xbox Live Rewards members this fall. No word yet on actually how difficult it will be, but whispers we hear suggest it will not necessarily be easy, but then again it will not be impossible.

From the Microsoft side of things, the program could actually be a good tool for both Microsoft and 3rd party publishers/developers, as it could turn into an excellent way to attract attention to titles and drive additional sales. It could be an excellent idea, but we will not know for sure till all of the details are worked out and we have a clear understanding of how the program will work.

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