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Shuttle adds fanless PSU to its XPC

by on17 April 2008


Shuttle XPC Accessory PC62


Shuttle has announced that its fanless retrofit PSU has been added as a XPC accessory. This is great news for those that like their Shuttle to be as quiet as a church mouse.

The XPC Accessory PC62 comes with two parts, an internal and an external unit. Both units are fanless, so it should minimize the noise made by Shuttle's living room HTPC. This PSU has a maximum wattage of 200W with 16Amps on a +12V rail. As you can see, this isn't meant for some power hungry hardware systems, but it should be adequate for living room or office PCs equipped with low power dual-core processor.

The new fanless PSU is compatible with G, G2 and G5 XPCs and the XPC model ST61G4. Be sure to check out the compatibility list before you choose to get your Shuttle one of these zero noise PSUs.

It should be available immediately at Shuttle's recommended price of €98.00 excluding VAT. You can find additional info here.


Last modified on 18 April 2008
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