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Microsoft to get in the tablet business

by on18 June 2012

Said to announce new tablet today

Microsoft is rumored to be announcing its own Windows 8 tablet that is aligned to compete with iPad. The news is interesting, but not entirely unexpected, given the cost of the Windows 8 license that other tablet manufacturers are having to pay Microsoft.

Our sources tell us that the real reason Microsoft thinks they need to sell their own tablet product is to help support the SmartGlass technology that will be arriving for the Xbox 360 this fall, and to promote its own Windows store that Microsoft will also be trying to get off and running.

We don’t know a lot about the actual device, but sources tell us that we can expect specs similar to what we have seen in the majority of the other Windows 8 RT tablet devices. Don’t expect it to be pricing any lower than the other Windows 8 RT tablets that are being released by other manufacturers.

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