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Microsoft retail store to use store in store approach

by on17 April 2008


Notebooks, phones Xbox and software

We got some additional details on Microsoft’s plan to announce a chain of retail stores. We can definitely confirm that the company will do bunch of software, that is what they do.

Microsoft plans a store in store approach as every division will be divided in some sort of entity of its own and all this, of course, within the same store.

Aside from software Microsoft plans to fill the store with notebooks, naturally powered by Vista, and there will be a bunch of Windows phones inside of these stores.

Microsoft won’t forget gamers, and you will see bunch of Xbox 360 systems simply as you can connect Xbox 360 live marketplace to your Windows mobile phone or laptop.

There is currently no plan to let the desktop systems inside but this can easily change. Mice can get to the store, but so far no keyboards.

We believe that Microsoft will rely on a learning curve and it will try some different things until it sees what actually works. 

Last modified on 17 April 2008
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