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Angry Birds Space want money for powerful birds

by on11 June 2012

20 eagles for $1, or 980 for $19.00

We have to admit that we did not see this one coming, but with the recent introduction of ten new levels in Angry Birds Space, you now have a chance to buy some additional birds.

We have to admit that new levels are quite tricky and it might take some time, but if you are stuck on a tricky level and you are looking for a new challenge, you can simply buy some space eagles.

The prices range from $0.99 for 20 space eagles all the way to $19.99 for 980 space eagles. We are puzzled with the latter offer, who would ever need so many digital angry birds?

Rovio came up with a nice idea how to make even more money out a game enjoyed by more than a hundred million mobile users on all platforms.



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