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Cisco walks away from tablets

by on29 May 2012

Just keyboardless netbooks

Networking giant Cisco has decided that it is pointless trying to build its own tablet.

Dispite the fact that there is a pressure from staff to allow people to plug in their insecure toys into company networks, Cisco thinks that Android tablet development is a waste of time. Cisco has been working on a tablet for the last two years on a project called the Cisco Cius.

Cisco's senior vice president with the amazing name OJ Winge said that Cisco will evaluate the market further, we will continue to offer Cius in a limited fashion to customers with specific needs or use cases. Cius was a pretty silly idea. It was double the price of the iPad and had limited functionality. Cisco has already admitted that the device had been as successful as Operation Barbarossa.

The fact that people wanted to bring their own device to work did not mean that they wanted an enterprise developed tablet. They just wanted their iPad or Android tablet to fit in with the workplace. Cisco said that nearly third of enterprises surveyed were already providing full support for employee-owned devices, and 95 per cent of organisations surveyed allowed employee-owned devices into the office in some way - effectively rendering the Cius irrelevant.

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