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Brits want a Facebook Smartphone

by on29 May 2012

Need to get a life first

Nearly a third of Brits would upgrade from their current phone to a Facebook Smartphone, should one become available.

The research, conducted by, polled 968 people in a flash poll to try and find out what Britons thought of the proposed Smartphone from the social notworking site. The site had already received a notable number of searches for the term ‘Facebook phone’ since announcements were made. Respondents were initially asked what they thought about the prospect of a Facebook Smartphone, to which 73 per cent said it was a ‘good idea’. [Well it is a better idea than buying FB stock. Ed]

When asked if they would upgrade their current phone to the new Facebook phone if and when one became available, a third said they would. Apparently the reasons are that they would get Facebook chat accessibility, it would be a cheaper alternative to an iPhone, they wanted constant access to Facebook. None of them said that they needed a life or a better perspective on things, which is fairly obvious to us.

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