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NM70 ULV chipset detailed

by on28 May 2012

A lot of limitations

We mentioned two new ULV Celerons that are expected to come by Q4 2012 and you can get more details here.

The chipset of choice for these “controllable TDP“ processors is called NM70 and you can see this chipset as a stripped down version the existing HM75 chipset. The NM70 supports Intel Rapid storage technology 8.0 but unlike HM75 doesn’t support Anti Theft technology or Intel wireless display (WiDi). It has no RAID or SMART technology either but it does support three independent displays, PCI express 2.0, total of 4 ports and 4 SATA ports where one of them can work at 6Gb/s.

It works with both VGA and LVDS and support both Ivy Bridge or Sandy Bridge graphics, naturally only if they get supported by 1.5M firmware. There will be two iterations of this chipset, one with 8 USB ports and zero USB 3.0 and one with eight USB 2.0 and two USB 3.0 slots.

The release date should be together with controllable TDP 847 and 807 processors at some point in Q4 2012.

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