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Brits know more about technology than politics

by on16 May 2012

Apple has lowered the standards of the world

British people know a lot more about technology toys than they do about politics, according to a new poll.

A survey by specialist gadget insurer said that two thirds of the UK population know that the CEO of American tech giant Apple is Tim Cook. In comparison only 43 percent of people did not know that Ed Balls is the Shadow Chancellor.

More than a third of all respondents, and almost half of 18-24 year olds polled, actually thought the Shadow Chancellor was George Osborne. And five per cent of respondents thought it was former News International chief Rebekah Brooks which is a little daft.

More than half of the 2,000 respondents correctly identified Thrall as a World Of Warcraft character but 49 percent didn't know which British military genius won the Battle of Waterloo. More than a third thought it was Admiral Nelson, whilst only 51 per cent correctly identified The Duke of Wellington.

Still the level of knowledge appears to be thin on the ground in the UK. More than 63 per cent couldn’t identify the cost of four pints of milk and 80 per cent failed to identify the average cost of a pint beer which is £3.17.

A half don’t know the cost of a second-class stamp, which recently rose to 50p from 36p. But 57 per cent know the price of an Amazon Kindle and 67 per cent  know the cost of Apple’s new iPad. It was the over 55s who were the most clued up about the price of an Amazon Kindle, with 64 per cent correctly guessing that prices start at £89.

Matt Reid, UK director of said that Tim Cook only took over the role of Apple CEO nine months ago from Steve Jobs, and already more Brits know who he is than their own Shadow Chancellor who’s been in the role for more than a year. The fact that more of us know the cost of a Kindle than a stamp suggests that if the geeks are to inherit the Earth, then it’s started already.

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