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BioShock Infinite bumped till 2013

by on10 May 2012

Will open the door for other releases

The news that BioShock fans have not wanted to hear is finally confirmed. Yes, that’s right:  as many had suspected, BioShock Infinite has been delayed, with its release date being moved from October 2012 to February 26th, 2013 instead.

While the exact reasons for the delay are unknown, Ken Levine from Irrational says the delay will make the game even more extraordinary.  Levine defended the original October 2012 release date, saying that at the time they felt good about the release date.

In an interesting move, Levine also confirmed that BioShock Infinite will not be shown at E3 or at Gamescon in Germany. The reason is said to be that the next time that the product is seen they want it to be the product they are planning to put in the box.

The decision to move the release date does open some possibilities for other publishers that were avoiding that release date in October in order not to compete with BioShock. Some suspect that the biggest benefactor to the decision to move the date could be none other than Grand Theft Auto 5. Of course, that is if you believe that GTA 5 will really arrive this fall.

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