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17% of Androidpolice readers want a Galaxy III

by on07 May 2012

38% not impressed, 36% must see it first

We have stumbled upon a rather interesting poll at Androidplice, a site that that tends to bring order to the Android market, as the name implies. Our colleagues asked its readers two rather straightforward questions.

First, did the Galaxy S III meet your expectations? At press time, 39 percent or 2068 said that “Eh, I'm not impressed - nothing special here.” The runner up is “I'll have to see it in person and use it - but I think so” with 36 percent or 1911 votes.

Eight percent or 456 of the asked answered with “Nope, it's awful” while only 17 percent or 935 answered “Yep, I'm sold - shut up and take my money!”

They also asked whether the Galaxy S III is “hot or not” and 56 percent think “It's not bad, but I don't think it's a work of art”, 27 percent went for the “Somebody get a paper bag for this thing” pun, while only 17 percent answered “That's one sexy phone, sleek and stylin' all the way!”

We won’t comment these numbers, other than to say they are really self explanatory. To see the results go here, scroll down and look for it in the right column

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