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HTC One X international vs LTE tested

by on01 May 2012


Tegra 3 versus S4 8960 LTE

It looks like our colleagues at Ubergizmo got hold of a leaked benchmark that shows HTC One X international vs. the US version. The main difference is the CPU as the international version uses a quad-core Tegra 3 while the US (The Canadian version is shown in the video ed.) uses a Qualcomm S4 8960 28nm CPU.

These guys managed to get hold of a short video in which you can see AndEBench, CFBench Pro, Antutu, Quadrant, Smartbench, Java spider 0.91 and  GLbenchmark 2.1 Offscreen. In every single test Nvidia ends up faster, for example in AndEBench it is roughly twice as fast with 9997 vs 4117 total score. In our review, we got 9679 on HTC One X while HTC One S also powered with not LTE version of S4 8260A scores 5749. Clearly, AndEBench is kind to multicore chips.

In CFBench the Tegra 3 version of the phone scores 24560 in total score while S4 version of AT&T phone scores 12522. Our Tegra 3 test phone with 1.28 software scores 24438 in the same test while HTC One S with S4 in our case scores 12802. 

In Antutu the S4 version of the phone with LTE scores 6912 in total score while One X international version with Tegra 3 scores 11376. Our international version of HTC One X with Tegra 3 scores 11290 while S4 8260A HTC One S scores 7031. It got really tight in Quadrant as the S4 version scores 4668 while Tegra 3 scores 4780. Our Tegra 3 scores 4998 while our S4 scored 5018, really close.

Smartbench runs faster on Tegra 3 scoring 4453/2697 while the dual-core version scores 3002/2669. We didn’t run this test on our devices.
Even in Java testing Tegra 3 got faster especially with four web workers (very unlikely scenario) scoring 2346 ms vs. 3429 on S4. In this test lower score is better. We tried this test with one web worker and get 1704.9 ms for Tegra 3 and 1786 for S4. In graphics intensive tests, GLbenchmark offscreen test Tegra 3 scores 65 FSP while S4 scores 50FPS. In our test Tegra 3 scores 64, while our S4 scores 57 FPS.

Overall it looks like the Tegra 3 version of the phone will end up somewhat faster in most benchmarks and even in browsing, a really important task, but the LTE version should end up with faster internet, so it is a fair tradeoff. Of course, the tradeoff will have to be yours to make as you can end up either with Tegra 3 and some exclusive games for it, or with LTE. You cannot have it both, but frankly you will not go wrong with either.
There are a few tests that were not shown in this video that S4 could win, so bear that in mind, too. In our internal testing Tegra 3 ended up faster or very close to the S4 in eight out of ten benchmarks we used.

You can check out the video here.

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