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Ultra products hits head, sues PSU manufacturers

by on09 April 2008


Over modular PSUs

Sometimes one has to wonder if there are companies out there that are just up to nothing else but getting patents for every kind of commonly used technology; and in this case it seems like Ultra products has scored a patent on modular cables on PSUs, and as such has decided to sue just about every PSU maker out there.

We use the term maker loosley and manufacturer would be too strong of a word, as very few companies actually make their own PSUs, including, oddly enough, Ultra products. Although Ultra products was one, if not the first, company to bring out a modular PSU, it was a terrible piece of hardware and yours truly managed to blow one up during a PSU group test a few years ago.

The list of companies in the lawsuit is huge, but some rather big names in the industry are missing, such as Cooler Master and ACBel, the latter being a huge Taiwanese OEM manufacturer of PSUs.

You can find the complete list of companies here, but the short list includes Antec, Corsair, OCZ, Sea Sonic, Tagan, ThermalTake and Zalman, as well as a wide range of lesser known companies who actually manufacture PSUs for other companies.
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