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Mechner gets source code

by on18 April 2012

Prince of Persia source code released

Some time back, we told you about Prince of Persia author Jordan Mechner finding his old disks that contained the source code for the Apple II version. Mechner wanted to rescue the code and then post it where it was freely accessible.

With an assist from digital archivists, Jason Scott and Tony Diaz, using a number of modified hardware combinations, the code was able to be extracted from the floppy disks. Mechner has made good on his promise to release the code, and it is posted on GitHub where it can be accessed for free.

So, 23 years after the release of Price of Persia on the Apple II platform, you can now study the code that made it all possible. Our hats are off to both Mechner for releasing the source code and to Scott/Diaz for being able to rescue the code so it could be preserved.

You can take a look at the code here.

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