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Intel has no Core i3 mobile Ivy Bridge

by on26 March 2012

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Core i7, Core i5 or Celeron

For the past few quarters we've been talking about Ivy Bridge and now, roughly a month before it is supposed to launch, we noticed that there is no Core i3 for 3rd generation Ivy Bridge notebook processors.

In both ultra-low voltage 17W market as well as in standard voltage, performance 35W, 45W and 55W markets, there isn't a single Core i3 processor to be found. The leader of Ultra low voltage market is Core i7 3667U with its 2.0GHz core clock, turbo to 3.2GHz, 4MB cache, four threads and HD 4000 graphics. This is all within a 17W TDP envelope.

Runner up is Core i5 3427M and it carries the middle part of the market. It’s a 1.8GHz dual core with 2.8GHz turbo support, four hypertreded cores, 3MB cache, 4000 Intel HD graphics. Last on this performance scale is Celeron 877 with 1.5GHz core clock, two cores, two threads, Intel HD graphics, 2MB cache and DDR3 1333 support, again 17W.

As you can see Core i3 is missing and it’s the same for standard voltage and performance roadmap.

Last modified on 26 March 2012
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