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Most Geforce 600 mobile GPUs are still Fermi

by on23 March 2012

Rebrands, Keplers comes later

We hoped that most new 600-series mobile Geforce will be based on the new, energy efficient Kepler architecture. Sadly, we were wrong and the series is still dominated by rebranded Fermi products.

The flagship GTX 675M is a Fermi, it is basically a renamed 580M posing as a new card. It still has the same 620MHz core clock, 384 Shader cores as well as texture fill rate of 39.7 billion a second. It uses 256-bit GDDR5 at 1500MHz clock enabling some 96 GB/sec throughput. The desktop GTX 680 has about double the bandwidth. The mobile GPU supports two-way SLI , but we don’t think you can even plug some more in  that big gaming notebook, apart from some huge and heavy 17-inchers.

This is where it gets interesting. The GTX 670 and GTX 675 are Fermi based, while the GT 660M, 650M and the 640M are Kepler cards. The GT 640M LE will apparently come in Fermi and Kepler variants, but we haven’t got the details yet.

Moving down to the low end, the GT 635M, GT 630M and GT 620M are still based on Fermi. Last but not least is Geforce 610M, they are all simple rebrands to meet the launch of Ivy Bridge notebooks.

We were told that Kepler notebook parts will come soon, but probably synchronized with Ivy Bridge launch, or around that date. Ivy Bridge is still scheduled for 29th of April launch. Confusing? Indeed, the branding is a mess and anyone in the market for an Ivy Bridge notebook with discrete 28nm graphics should consult the internet before making a decision.

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