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Nokia boss dismisses dual and quad-core phones

by on14 March 2012

Useless waste of battery

Nokia CEO Stephen Elop does not have many kind words for the competition. In a recent interview with a Chinese daily, Elop said there was no point in squeezing multi-core processors into smartphones.

Elop believes that dual-core and quad-core chips don’t make much sense, as they are not very useful in everyday tasks and they serve no purpose other than to drain the battery.

Of course Nokia relies on single-core Qualcomm chips to power their Lumia range, but unlike the competition Nokia also uses Windows Phone, a very snappy and efficient OS that doesn’t require much processing power.

However, we are not sure about the battery life argument. For example, the Lumia 800 was plagued by serious battery issues after it was launched, caused by software issues. In addition, chipmakers have gone out of their way to explain that dual-core ARM chips are in fact more efficient than their single-core predecessors.

Besides, Nokia will embrace dual-core chips in next generation phones and we have no doubt Elop will change his tune accordingly.

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